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Effective managers can help develop true professionals. Directs who are new to the business world might not have been taught or shown professional behaviors before now. We're starting a series on what they need to know and how you can teach them. The first of the series is Developing Professionals - Chapter 1 - House Keeping. We've made a "playlist" of podcasts for you to provide to your directs to start their learning. Feel free to give them the link to this post.

·      Daily Non-Negotiables - Part 1

·       Professional Basics Matter (Still) - Chapter 1 - Timeliness

·       Professional Basics Still Matter - Chapter 2 - Tell The Truth

·       Chapter #1: Results and Relationships - Part 1

·       How To Be A Team Player

·       Work-Life Balance: The Yellow Peanut M&M Analogy (Hall of Fame Guidance)