If my organization doesn't hire/promote people up to manager level positions without at least a Bachelor's, what are some ways I can help my directs grow their careers? (Aside from telling them to go back to school.)

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To get outsized rewards, they'll need outsized results.

They will have to be so good, that any future hiring manager is willing to overlook their lack of degree - no easy task.

Personally, I went back and did my degree and Masters because I realized that being able to check those boxes will help get my career to the next level. While debate continues to rage on the value and expense of a degree, the tide hasn't turned yet against a 4 year education.

And let's not forget, the degree is a "result" and demonstrates  the ability to follow through on a commitment, regardless of the education received.

It also wouldn't hurt to find others in your company who have gotten promotions without degrees. Might take some digging, but they could offer insight into your company's career progression options.



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I would first understand what this direct wants.  Does he or she want to move to managment?  If so, and a degree is required (officially or unofficially) the I would stongly advise them to go back to school.  With distance learning now, it is much easier than it used to be.

If the direct does not want to move into managment and perhaps stay in thier current role, then focus on how they can become a superstar at that role.  I again would strongly recommend getting the 4 year degree though.  It gives them more options down the road if they decide they do want to move up.