The Manager Tools podcasts are pretty awesome. Not only is the content understandable the team does a great job of giving implementable advice and tasks. Cudos to the team!

I have been reviewing the promotion and steel chage casts. We have about 4 technical levels and the progression gets more competitive as employees go up the ladder. They talk about doing 50% of the managers job to progress to the manager level. It seems reasonable to apply a similar metric that techncial people should be achieving 50% of the next level's responsibilities. The problem I am facing if you break the required skills into say Leadership, Skills and Imact. You could have a technical person with deep technical skills and making significant impact but can not lead a team or a project. I feel like a significant gap even less than the 50% guidance is a deal beaker.

How do you process and evaluate a team with varying skills, capabilities and weaknesses?