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This week, a manager in my company put someone on a performance improvement plan just a few hours before a 4-day weekend. My initial thought was that delivering this message at that time was not wise. The person on the PIP now has four days of emotional churn without an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. My sense is that, if there was an option, delivering such news on the first day back would be better. Thoughts?

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I would say that it depends on the employee. For example, if this employee is a high C, it may be best to tell him when he can have a few days to process, and hopefully come at the improvement plan from a better mental state. If the employee is a high D, however, it could just give him time to let the frustration stew. Bottom line is that the timing ought to be catered to the employee. 



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I agree with mmcconkie about catering it to the direct. More importantly, was it a surprise to the direct? If it was, I think that might be the bigger issue.