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I recently started a new role in my company working as a process engineer for the boiler house and power station operations.  This role was not in existence before and hence there aren't any defined deliverables for the most part. 

To start off, my manager has me managing outages on the major assets.  The deliverables there are pretty straightforward; managing a project's scope, cost and timeline. 

However, there is usually a large amount of time between outages.  My manager told me that he wants me to be capable of running the operation when the experienced supervisors go on vacation.  So I have to learn the equipment, process flows, etc.  But as I understand from some of the casts, learning is not a deliverable and is not something I would put in my career history documentation or resume.

What day to day deliverables should I be aiming to execute on?  

Thanks for your recommendations.

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 How about a deliverable that you will cover an operation for a day / week while the supervisor is on site or on call--to evidence your readiness?