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I have followed Mark's guidance and worked to establish a baseline with every new direct on their first day with my expectations of them:

1. Be honest, 2. Be kind, 3. Deliver results

I have to remind myself of these same priorities. It's not hard for me to be honest and I do a better than fair job at being kind. There are times when I get stuck and discouraged. There's nothing better than to remember the best way forward is to deliver results.

It is so rewarding when you can point to a person you're helping develop, a problem you're helping solve, an organization you're making better, value you're delivering to a customer. Deliver results; that's what it's all about and it's great advice to get and give when things aren't always rosy. I keep reminding myself to deliver results under all circumstances.

I pulled aside a junior staff member on my team recently who declined a meeting, didn't attend and said "well if you had wanted me there you would have moved the meeting." I told him - you can fall back on that excuse; or you can make it your mission to be there and represent. And you'll be judged not on whether you had a good excuse but on the results you deliver.

Do you want to be judged by the result of "I had a good excuse?" I hope I set him up to be successful more effectively by focusing on the results.

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Thank You.

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