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Why not combine steps 2 and 3 of your delegation model?

It feels weird to me to tell someone why I've chosen them vs. another to do this task, when I haven't even told them what I want to delegate is yet.

In step 1, it seems more natural to tell the person what I want to delegate, without getting into the details yet.


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Sure, you can do it that way. I initially tried that and found our model better after a few hundred attempts. The reason I found was that if I just came right out and asked, people got caught off guard, and since I was the boss, they felt obliged to say yes. That set them up to start looking for PROBLEMS with the delegation... because they subconsciously felt that they had committed too soon.

So, I started softly with the reasons why I was aking them, and praising them. This made them more ready to hear what the task was, and feel more confident about saying yes.

Hope this helps.