Let me give you a backstory. My company just created a new position that will oversee the training in the company. When they put it out there I was intriguied and was asking my boss several questions about the position. I was recently in a conference meeting for my company. After dinner several people stayed behind and went to the hotel bar to socialize. At this time my boss's boss approach me about the position and told me that he has heard that I was interested about the position. I of course said yes but that I had questions. So this new position would be a lateral move for me but I would not be leading my own directs. It is advertised as a lot of traveling but when my boss's boss spoke to me he assured me that he would not make it as much traveling as everyone is out to make it. He really complimented me and said a lot of good things to say about me. I voice one concern and it was this. I asked him if I was to make the move with it hurt my opportunity to move up in the  field that I truly desire.  He said no that if anything it would help me because I would be working closer with him. It sounded like he wanted me for the job. Here is my concern! Do i do it and make the move and gain the experience from it? Or do I keep my current position leading my team and wait for the opportunity to move up? He really wanted me to think about it and come back to him in a couple weeks. Can anyone give me some advice? 

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You should at LEAST interview and find out more! It's completely reasonable to ask for more information at this point, because the "big boss" knows what he's looking for and why you might be the best fit. You will still have a chance to say yes or no when you have the offer - don't prematurely turn down the chance to interview.

If you haven't heard this podcast lately, it's perfect for you:

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!