head hunters in australia seem to like to get the "pay" question out of the way really early on. how do you defer this until you know more about the job.

I generally state that i'm happy to entertain options above X thousands.

however they normally seem to be able to get a more specific number for my current salary out of my by the end of the call.

how can i get around this without destorying a chance?

thanks in advance

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Sounds like you're telling them what you make.



PS: When they push, repeat your "over blank" amount. If they push further, say, "if this position is not there, I'm not interested, but I can refer you to others who may be. If you need my salary to continue, I'm sorry, but I'm being ethical, and I won't share it until I know about the position.

If they won't go further, I wouldn't trust them anyway. They're just calling your bluff. Make them show you their cards, or fold without showing.