I have just listened to the Dangle podcast.  In it, they state that its not an unethical thing to do at all. 

What if the dangle is an outright lie?  I work for a company that uses the dangle in each and every interview, but what they dangle has NEVER happened for ANYONE. 

I too was given a dangle.  I took a pay cut to work here because of it. I was told that there was a competitive commission structure for my department but that it was still in development.  That was 2 years ago and there is nothing like it in the works. There never was.

The phrase "I know the pay isnt geat, but there are other ways to make money here and plenty of people take advantage of them." is used often, but having been here 2 years, I dont know a single person who makes more that $1hr than they did when they started.  These opportunities dont exist. We have a lot of turnover after people work here for about 5 months and figure it out. 

I am trying to get involved in the hiring process so  I can stop the dangle.



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Such a turnover sounds like a terrible inefficiency in the hiring process. Are you sure you will be able to do something radical about this as a junior member of the recruiting team?

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I am not sure how much effect, if any I will have. Its an issue with how interviews are done, the selection process, and the overall lag pay policy.  I am a firm beleiver in the level of pay will determine the quality of the personell, and they use a lag pay policy here.  Most qualified applicants just wont work for $9/hr, even in this economy.  

Most of the decision makers were promoted from within and dont have much formal education.  I will try to bring what I can to the table, using the MT methods that I have learned, but they are so radically different from what typically happens.


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Yep, it sounds like that went beyond the Dangle or puffery into malfeasance in recruiting.  If you have other evidence [one item of evidence doesn't get you very far in any court of logic] of less than fair-dealing, it's probably time to polish your resume and shine up your network.

Let us know how we can help further.  And remember, while you're there, produce results.  it's the ethical and safe thing to do.