My name is Curtis and I am the manager of the knowledge base and the classroom trainers for the tech support center of my company. My life has taken several career turns which have prepared me for my current job. My major in college was Engineering/Physics, I was an officer in the Navy and I was a math & science teacher for seven years. I have worked in various positions at my current company that were all individual contributor positions until my current position.

I now have five direct reports and Manager-Tools has been a great help to me. The guidance given in the pod cast on building relationships with your internal customers allowed me to hit a home run from the start. I am implementing one on ones and I plan on developing my feedback skills by giving affirming feedback first.

I have all the podcasts on my iPod and I see them as my audio management reference manual.

Thank you Mark and Mike. You are helping more people than you know.

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Welcome aboard Curtis.

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Good to hear from you...