Hi All

I am a new listener to manager tools and I think they are absolutely fantastic. I am GM at a small to medium sized organisation (70 staff) and am trying as fast as possible to implement the ideas and concepts of manager tools. I am facing a number of problems that emanate from several remote sites that are managed by their local managers. Above them is an area manager and he reports to me.

The culture at several of those sites is very negative towards Head Office and the idiots in Head office etc. I know that this ultimately could be solved by filtering through the concepts of correct management down to all levels but some of the obstacles that we face is in the local store managers themselves being a source of this negativity. As a direct consequence those sites are performing poorly with a downwards spiral.

We need to create a different culture within those sites and FAST! Should I be going there myself with my area manager to try and get the communication happening faster and better through the ranks or should I approach this differently? We are talking about 3 levels below me and I'm concerned the changes will not be effected fast and up to the standard that it needs to be in order to change the direction of the company fast enough.

As I mentioned, our sites are in a downwards spiral and many staff don't seem to care too much in addition to constantly pointing the finger at us for putting the pressure on performance standards or for any failings in processes that they may perceive. In short, they don't feel part of the same team and their performance leaves a lot to be desired. ideally, they need mentoring, coaching, feedback and most other manager tools concepts in order to achieve the results desired, but that will take months to make happen, time that we don't have..

Can anyone suggest a fast to-the-point action plan to tackling this challenge so we can turn this culture around?

Thank you in advance for your attention and your valuable  input..