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Can some one explain:

  •  What is meant by cultural fit?
  •  How I can assess my cultural fit prefierences?
  •  How to  prepare for a cultural fit inteview  e.g organisational research, or questions to look out for at interview or questions for me to ask the inteviewer?

I successful made it to final interview after 2 others ending with the Head of Department and Change Management Consultant, and unfortunately was not offered the role. The feed back was 'we are not sure if she would be a cultural fit'

1st Interview was Telephone (1hr) asked technical questions and provide a little information on the company

2nd interview was Face to Face (1hr) asked functional questions in a behavioural style linked to the role and about my career path.

3rd inteview was Face to Face (30 mins) asked general behavioural style questions linked to my cv/resume on how I worked with people.

The organisation is going through a business transformation and the department I would have need working in had 3 people.  The organisation has now decided to restart the recruitment process.

I have had other recuritement agencies contact me with roles that they have had for sometime or company has started the recrutiment again due to looking for a 'person who is the right cultural fit'.

All comments welcome and if I have missed a cast of this, please let me know.




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What happened here is hard to say. Cultural fit is often used as a reason not to hire, and because it's nice and nebulous, it covers a lot of things that a recruiter or hiring manager might not want to say.

Cultural fit can mean, we didn't like you, you're not like us, we think the team wouldn't get on with you and so on. Or, it could be, you're too expensive, didn't interview well or any other reason.

In terms of your preferences, the 'Choosing a Company' series will be helpful for you. (They start here: There's also a cast coming up called 'interviewing is not a 2-way street' which I think you'll find helpful.

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