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What is cross calibration and how does one deal with it? 

Thank you.


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Cross calibration is the comparing of elements in one sample subset to the elements in another same subset.

It is often used in better employee ranking systems to compare the associates and managers in different teams.  This can result in teams having different average rankings and different spreads of ranking from other teams.

If this is the type of cross calibration that you are talking about, bring as much data as you can to justify your higher rankings.  I tend to prepare as if it is a bit of a steel cage death match.

Blow em away with impressive facts.




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Just had my first calibration session in my new company.  I have mixed feelings about this style of performance review.  At times it seemed little more than a collective gripe session about direct X and Y.  At other times, it was a delight to hear about the great things others have noticed about members of my team.  I learned quite a bit from this session especially as a new manager in this company.  However, I wasn't too helpful in my ability to critique members of other teams as I was simply unaware of roughly 90% of who they were.  I will focus on preparing better for next year and in preparing my team members better so that I, too, will not come away with thinking these are nothing more than 'steel cage death matches'.


To that end, I am wondering out loud, as it were, concerning the effectiveness of this style or method of performance reviews.