Ever since this pandemic started, I am doing a lot of tasks that impedes me to finish my actual job assignments. At first, I am okay with one or two extra tasks but my boss keeps piling tasks that it isn't within my job responsibilities. I am so pressured at the moment. A few times I have neglected my actual tasks to do the  extra tasks assigned because of its urgency. We are only few in the team and I am not in the position to disseminate tasks. 

This all started because of the Covid19 situation - to minimize costs. But I am not getting productive :( 

Any thoughts to help. Thanks!

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I am so sorry to hear that you struggling with this.

It has been an unusual year for everyone.

You are not alone - and many tasks are new to a lot of people.

My first thing to reccomend is not to focus on what is, or is not, within your job responsibilities.
Every new taks you get is an opprtunity for growth and apparently your boss needs help getting everything completed.

Helping your boss do his/her job is the first duty of every employee - it was the reason you were hired.
If your boss didn't need you, he/she would be doing all of that work and they would not have hired you.

Second, you really should speak to your boss and ask for clear time tables and priorities.  Maybe they have forgotten some of the other work that you do and when you do it.

Third, listen to the Podcast it may be helpful. - maybe you can trim some duties.

Delegate to the floor :

Good Luck



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Thank you TJPuccio for giving your advice. Anxiety has been growing in me this past weeks and now, I've felt the need to let everybody know of my struggles. Maybe I'm just overstressing myself with my current situation as I'm aware that there are other people in the world now who are having it worse than me.

A friend suggested that I should listen to delta waves on youtube to calm my mind, so far, it's doing well to keep me at peace when I listen. :(

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Thanks again @TJPuccio. 

I also bumped into this page yesterday ( And like what you said communication is key - so I will talk to him after this holiday to clarify things. Probably he did forgot because of so many things happening this pandemic. 

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Nice podcasts! One thing I just learned from these is to trust our boss with the things he delegates and what he wanted us to finish. This is true enough if we have a really good working relationship with our boss. 

So @Jollymom, you might really want to consider talking  with your boss and meet in between.  

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Thank you @Breanna. Yes I just talked to my boss and you guys are right, he got overwhelmed and forgot a few things. We also both planned the tasks and its deadlines as well as the reports needed. The podcasts were really helpful. Thanks guys! 

I learned insights from this experience. :)

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That is great! Communicating with your boss will establish a good working relationship and good atmosphere - less stress :D

Indeed, I appreciate the Managers Tools here - they're awesome and very beneficial. 


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I agree with TJPuccio, just do what you are responsible for and if you don't have extra time for others then that is not on you.

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Sorry to hear about the stress. I second TJPuccio's answer. Best of luck, Von

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Thank you. :(

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How to deal if your boss is asking too much favors that should be under the hood of managers?

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Communication is key.