I'm currently in the middle of interviewing with a company. My virtual on-site is next week. It is an office job that will be on-site post-COVID. I am concerned because I learned that they were ordering at least some office workers back to the office in September. I am unwilling to work in an office until my husband and I are vaccinated. This might require me to work from home for about the first four months of the job (i.e., April-July). I am worried that they might order people back sooner.

When would be the right time to ask about this and would I ask the hiring manager or HR? I just listened to the podcast about not accepting an offer with "Yes, but". Based on that, this seems like something that is a question that I would ask once I have the offer and before I decide whether to accept. It seems likely that I will get a vague answer and that they may not know since it is a big company and they wouldn't be setting the policy. This does seem like the kind of thing where a manager can make an unofficial exception for a few months. I need a very clear positive answer on this as I am not willing to risk my life and my husband's life for a job. The last thing I want is to quit my current job for something that is better in many ways and then be forced to quit in two months.

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When you get the offer, control passes from the hiring-manager to you.  Before the offer, the hiring manager has little incentive to try unvague-ing things.  And after acceptance is too late for you, as you already stated.

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It would not cause harm to raise a question before accepting the job. You may also want to ask if vaccines will be shouldered by the company.