Hey all! I'm a recent college graduate with military experience prior to that. I am in Raleigh, NC and am searching for a job, but I haven't gotten as any bites as I really would like. I think some of it has to do is that I hadn't set up my resume as the MT guys stated we should. My problem is that since I just graduated and had a bunch of "college jobs" to pay for my tuition, I am worried that they look a bit silly while I am trying to get a supervisory position somewhere.

So, I took the time today to re-write my resume the MT way. I would really appreciate anybody taking the time to read through it, give me ideas for different words to use to make it more professional, etc.

Also, I am redoing my cover letter template (I have one for each field that I can tailor to jobs) to make it shorter as I think right now many recruiters are looking at it and don't want to get involved in reading the full page that it is.

I understand you are all busy, and by no means take the time to read through it if you aren't interested in giving me pointers. Those that do though, much thanks!

Below is my resume, or you can find it at:

August 2002 to May 2006: Student, ## Liberty University- Achieved Bachelors of Science in Business with a specialization in Management in May, 2006.
• Graduated with 3.6gpa.
• Member of Sigma Beta Delta Honors society.
• Successfully lead multiple projects that were recognized as “best in class”.

May 2004 to August 2004: Intern, ## Onrox AB, Malmo, Sweden- Worked as intern for technology manufacturing company. Duties included assembly and programming of various products.
• Programmed and tested Bluetooth applications.
• Assembled and tested touch-screen flat panel displays.
• Successfully worked in an International manufacturing setting.

September 2003 to April 2004: Sales Professional, ##Persian Rugs & More- Responsible for duties including opening/closing store, sales of merchandise and cultivating relationships with potential customers.
• Maintained high college GPA while working as many as 35 hours a week.
• Managed and inventoried over $700k in merchandise.

September 2002 to April 2003: Shift Manager, ##Oberweis Dairy- Supervised three to six employees, inspected facility to ensure it met FDA requirements, conducted inventory of store merchandise and interfaced with customers to ensure quality and service were above satisfactory levels.
• Successfully managed diverse group of employees and constantly performed above customer expectations.

November 2001 to August 2002: Project Manager, ## Naval Supply Activity, USN- Managed Special Projects Department and staff of two personnel. Project Management duties included extensive technology upgrades, arranging site surveys, liaison between department and organizations such as Motorola, NavSea Crane and Telecom Italia. Completed forecasting and budgeting requirements in support of NSA Security mission.
• Awarded Naval Achievement Medal for outstanding performance in assigned duties.
• Named “Sailor of the Quarter” for NSA, La Maddalena for dedication and professionalism.
• Managed on-going projects in excess of $4 million dollars.
• Requested and received over $1 million in funding for additional projects.

July 2000 to November 2001: Patrolman, ##Naval Supply Activity, USN- Performed Naval Security Duties, responded to and safely managed over 45 incidents. Took on additional duties for department as liaison with NSA Information Systems and was assigned to that department for three weeks of additional “on the job” training. Assisted in Special Projects department, participating in research and site surveys.
• Received letters of appreciation for performance above and beyond assigned duties.

BS Business Management, 2006 Liberty University
Information Systems Technician, 1998 Naval IT “A” School


Oh, and don't be gentle in your constructive criticism... I'm trying to get the best job I can, not get a group hug.


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Thanks Wendii for taking the time to give me a heads up on what I can do to make my resume better, much appreciated!

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I've been listening to the podcasts for about three weeks and catching up on older ones.

I'm applying for a new job (and I reeeaaallly want this one) and am very nervous about using the resume highlighted in Manager Tools.

I'm a UK resident and we are asked for a CV (and my CV is about three pages), and noting an earlier entry on this forum, I am more concerned whether or not to send my existing CV (which has gotten me job interviews) or to take the chance with the Manager Tools format.

As such, just wanted to ask if Justin had had any luck with his new layout?


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Hey Gavin,

It is hard to tell you as of yet if it has been working. I'd think that it would need a couple of weeks to see how it does in actual terms of gaining employment. However, let me tell you.. since changing it up a few days ago to chronological(the MT format) I have gotten the same amount of hits on online career sites that I got in a month with my other resume.

So if that is any indicaton, I'd say there is decent chance that it is more attractive.

Notice, my mentor (past professor from college) and I spoke earlier today. He was an executive before becoming a professor, so I put a lot of value in the information he gives me. He laughed when I told him about my last resume and said that he would always recommend using a chronological resume.

I am not sure what is considered standard in the UK and if it would somehow be out of line to send in another format. I'd definitely recommend the Manager tools format for a resume over here in the US. Perhaps some managers from Europe can give us a hint about what is acceptable over there.

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Hi Gavin,

I'm based in the UK, I recruit for a living, and I've changed my CV to the MT format - I'm sold!

Condensing and condesing and condensing makes it massively powerful. I'd rather see an MT CV than 3 pages of white space any day.


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[quote="wendii"]Hi Gavin,

I'm based in the UK, I recruit for a living, and I've changed my CV to the MT format - I'm sold!

Condensing and condesing and condensing makes it massively powerful. I'd rather see an MT CV than 3 pages of white space any day.


Thats very helpful, i left school ~3 years ago and during the last year we were 'shown' who to make a CV.
It was nothing like the MT one and we often tried to make it look 'fancy', its what we were taught.

I plan on re-doing my CV next late next month, the MT way!

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Just wanted to send a thanks out to Brian (another MTer) who met with me today to go over my resume with me. Thanks Brian, it was a ton of help and I'll be spending a bit of time this weekend re-tooling my resume. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to hang give me a hand!