Copy This!: Lessons from a Hyperactive Dyslexic who Turned a Bright Idea Into One of America's Best Companies by Paul Orfalea and Ann Marsh


For me, Copy This! takes an exceptionally interesting look at management.  It chronicles the career of Paul Orfalea (the founder of Kinkos); his failures and successes and how he dealt with his “learning opportunity.” There are a bunch of great stories and great insights into relationships in business.  Most of all, I appreciated his comments about being “on” your business instead of “in” your business and the need to take a break away from work and “let your soul catchup to your body.”


There is a whole litany of good advice, which Mr. Orfalea has deemed “Orphalea’s Aphorisms.”  I don’t have the list infront of me, but it’s chock full of wisdom (well, atleast I enjoyed it). 


If anyone else has read it, I'd love to get your reaction...I'm not from a business background, so I don't have that particular angle to judge it from.