Hello fellow Manager Tools fans.

I would like to offer a free copy of my book Control Your Day (CYD) to  the first 50 users in this forum that respond. You can find the book on Amazon. Just search for Email Management, it will come up in the top three search results. Or you can go to my website

Control Your Day is a system I developed in Microsoft Outlook that offers a fresh new way to manage and control email. The system implements the best practices of Getting Things Done and replaces the use of folders with categories to greatly reduce the time you spend filing, searching for and archiving messages.

If you are struggling with email overload and have lost control of your task list, it is time to check out CYD.

I have thousands of active users on CYD across the globe. The feedback has been fantastic.If you would like a copy, please send an email to me at [email protected]  make sure to reference the Manager-Tools site and let me know if you want the IPAD or Kindle version

Thank you
Jim McCullen