I started doing the O3's about two months ago when I started with my directs. A week later one of my managers went off on sick leave for about six weeks and just came back. During his absence I started the O3's with his reports since I had to assume his duties.

Now that he's back should I continue the O3's with his reports? He is going to retire in 3 months and his reports will be reporting back to me again?

I don't want to create problem with him only having three months. He is contnuing to have health problems.

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Hi Kevin - I think I remember the context of this from another thread...or maybe I'm just dreaming? :?

At any rate, I think you should continue with the O3's, while being as collaborative with the other manager as you can for the three months that he's back. It wouldn't make sense to stop for three months just to pick it back up again.

The only reason to stop would be if the other manager objects - but if you talk it over in advance, I would bet that he'll be supportive.


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The other thread related to should I do the O3's or wait until he retires.

Having done the O3's I have found it very helpful in getting up to speed on their projects. The comment I got from one of the reports is that "the employees aren't sure how to take me. They have never been this involved in what is happening and they're not sure how to take it."

The other manager reports to me so he is cool with it. He knows when he leaves I'l be taking over his section.

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Under the circumstances, it makes sense.