As a consultant, on behalf of the firm I work for, I've performed a couple engagements where I was an acting senior manager at a client site for several months (8 and 12).  The titles of the roles I filled match the role I want to apply for on a permanent basis.  At both gigs I have executives willing to give references.

How do I reflect these on my resume?  I tried once as seperate jobs and the overlap with my consulting posistion was confusing to the people interviewing me.  What is the best ay to capture and help my accomplishments in these particular roles stand out?




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This is one cast that may be helpful to you. It is from almost two years ago so you may have missed it.

The MT recommendations, if I interpret the cast correctly, encourage a single high-level responsibility paragraph for the role (not each project, you were a consultant the whole time right?) me, the title is less important than the responsibilities and accomplishments. The MT cast also recommends giving evidence of you making your employer more successful and profitable.