Hi there,

I have been lurking the last while but I know it's been ages & ages since I last posted.

A friend of mine is looking to start a consulting practice and has asked me if I have access to any questionnaires, presentations or sales check-lists for a consultant.  In my line of work, and in my particular division with this employer, we don't have any consultants (or any need for them.)  So I thought I'd reach-out to ya'll who seem to have experience and expertise in pretty much everything under the sun!

Basically, he's looking for a jumping-off point.  A copy of whatever you, as a consultant, use would be a good starting point for him.  Or even a list of things would be fine, if you have copyright concerns.  (We're both trustworthy folks but I understand & wouldn't take it personally.) 

Thank you ever-so-much for whatever guidance or insight you're able to provide.  

(If there's a consultant's board similar to this one or consultancy-resources website of which you're aware, I'd be happy to head over there myself.)