I remember a reference to a book referred to as "the consulting bible" in a cast I heard recently, but I can't remember the correct title and I'd like to look it up. Can someone point me towards it please?

I tried searching but I must be using the wrong search terms.



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search for this ISBN: 0470928085

This ist "The Consulting Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Expand a Seven-Figure Consulting Practice" by Alan Weiss.


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During the Spring conference call this year, Mark referred to Flawless Consulting by Peter Block and mentioned it "is the bible for consultants all over the world in terms of ethically consulting to people."  I've just managed to grab a copy and have started reading it. Am looking forward to getting into it.

Hope you find what you're after.





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not that other one.  No self-respecting consultant would trumpet income in a book title.

Flawless Consulting.  Full Stop.


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 Thanks for the help, will check it out.