Congrats to the Team on the Effective Manager book and its release. I couldn't wait for a signed copy and pre-ordered mine so I ended up paying a little bit more but I don't mind it. This book is well worth what I paid and more!

Full of actionable guidance like the podcasts. I read it in two sittings which is impressive considering the sittings were late at night when the house was finally quiet.

Thank you for the generous offering this book is to managers like me who don't have many resources of time or money (and sometimes not even the full backing of upper management) to manage our teams effectively.

I soak up every bit of information I get from Manager Tools and can't wait for the podcasts to come out.

I have been able to follow some of the guidance in my organization and continue to try to incorporate more. O3 were shut down early on but I try somewhat surreptitiously to foster those relationships with my directs without calling them O3 or making them happen as recommended by MT. I'm hoping that now that the Rule of 150 is starting to creep up in the organization I'll be better able to make upper management see the vital importance of O3 and so one.

I know it's a tough, uphill battle but the results are well worth it if I can get them to commit to the time and patience that is required.

Wish me luck!


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I am looking forward to listeing to the Effecive Manager on Audible, and when I was searching for the book to add to my wishlist, I thought the "quick search" options were -- complimentary. Very nice!


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