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I am looking for some feedback and experiences to build content on a presentation that I am giving. I work in a software/services customization organization - we provide consulting and services to customers that buy our software, basically adapt and modify the COTS software to to meet the customer's need. Very often, our consultants are put is a place where they have to make a decision for the customer that has a negative effect for our organization.

Examples: They are on a project that has dependent tasks and the customer is not doing their item, and our consultant does the customers tasks, and as a result, the consultant's tasks fall behind schedule. What is the best way to satisfy the goals of the organization and servicing the customer?

Often the customer asks for small changes and the consultant will do that change and it has an greater impact on something else.

I lump this as being lead by the customer , instead of leading the customer.

What have you seen/experienced and what have you done?

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Check out the Decision Brief podcast.

Each request from the client can be responded to with a SOCCR model.

Impact on timeline should be included in the criteria. Doing nothing should be an option for appraisal.