It is customary for members of our IT staff to attend industry related conferences and to share rooms. In the case of different sex or odd number of attendees, some people get their own rooms, of course.

Have any of you (or your organizations) had to address the issue of directs not wanting to share a room with their boss because they don't want to be "on" for the whole time?

In those cases where it's allowed, does the direct contribute to off-set cost?

Can I get some input from others who have dealt with this (or have an opinion on how they would).

Thanks in advance.

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Does your company require people to live together normally? Probably not.

The companies I have worked for have generally had a travel policy that provided for facilities equivalent to what you would have at home. This means enough money for meals that you don't have to eat fast food and private rooms.

On the other hand, with limited budget dollars, I have seen where an organization asked if there were any volunteers for sharing rooms. At that point it came down to the more volunteers, the more people could go.

As for rooming with the boss? Even with my best boss ever, I'd rather be OJ's cell-mate.


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I got roomed with someone once. (Big corporate meetings about strategy stuff.)

I didn't know the guy, and he snored like a WB cartoon. Seriously, I couldn't sleep. I finally got up and went down to the lobby and dozed on a couch.

I've never made my people share rooms. :)

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Our company has to share rooms at conferences, although not for regular travel. We typically send 20-30 people to one of these, and the rooms are never cheap.

If someone wants their own room, they pay for it. Almost nobody ever does.

Our travel coordinator tries to honor roommate requests whenever possible-- the well-known super-snorers end up with each other, for instance.

I've roomed with my boss. Awkward- sometimes. Relationship-building opportunity- yep.


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LOL@Will and the WB Cartoon reference. I bet the people in the next rooms heard him as well.


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Seriously though. I thought he was kidding around. Then I thought about hitting him with a shoe. I left for the lobby when I found myself with my pillow in my hands heading over to smother him.