I was wondering if anyone has guidance (or a cast to suggest!) about the steps to follow if a skip sends an email to your direct with complaints about specific actions of the direct, and cc's you. First I am going to get my direct's side of the story, afterwards, how do I decide who replies to the skip (my direct, or me)? Would the steps differ if the complaints were founded or unfounded?

Thanks for any advice.

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You will undermine your direct's authority if you respond to the skip. Whether that's appropriate depends on the issue. Copying you on the email shows a lack of respect or trust from the skip. Unless the direct is committing some kind of malfeasance, the skip shouldn't see any incentive to jump the chain of command.

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 Thanks. I think you are right about the lack of respect. All people concerned are very young and the environment is informal. I think may be struggling with balancing friendliness/coaching/creating relationships vs the lines of command. 

I had to decide how to react last week (had not seen your response) and based my response partly on the conflict resolution cast. I tried to adapt it to the direct/skip situation. I gave feedback to the skip on the way she had broadcast her complaint. I asked her to apologize to my direct. I talked to my direct and asked her to suggest how she would address the complaints with the skip. I will follow up at our one on one. The skip apologized to everyone and seemed to regain perspective and the direct seemed relieved I had her back. Any further advice on how I should have handled this differently is welcome, I am learning every day.