Love the show and listen to every new pod cast, have a lot of my co-management listing now, we would all love to come see you guys live, maybe give Toronto I try?



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We were in Toronto a year ago ;-)

We'll be back


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 Hi All,

Who else will be attending the conference(s) in Toronto next week? I'll be there both days. Looking forward to meeting you all. 

Let's connect @jenkellyjen


Jennifer Kelly.

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Mike & Mark, 

    Do you have any plans or aspirations to hold a conference in Vancouver, BC?

    I'm a fairly new MT listener but I'm trying to catch up with the droves of (incredibly useful and extremely well delivered) information that you've published.

    The value of MT was obvious from the start and in the short time I've been listening I've managed to create two other MT converts and I'm working on a third.

    You'll need more that 4 people to hold the conference but if you give me enough time I'll make it worth your while :).

    I'm hoping I get to thank you in person some day but in the meantime a digital thanks for all you've published will have to do.



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Like Chris, I'm fairly new to MT as well, but I'm absolutely loving it. I attended a course on Management Skills recently and told the instructor about the podcast, so I'm sure she'll mention it in the upcoming courses. That should get us plenty of people to make a conference here worthwhile!

I'm thinking of just going to the one in Seattle next May, instead of waiting for you guys to come here. You should join me, Chris.