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What do you think about using the "coaching feedback template for presentations" to collect input about the quality of Special Topic presentations in my staff meeting?

I just listened to the 2009 cast on Coaching/Feedback Template For Presentations ( Attached with the show notes is an excellent feedback template for presentation behaviors. I plan to start using that form (with a little modification).

In my staff meetings, I have a Special Topic (

What if I dedicate a few minutes after the Special Topic to have all my directs complete the feedback template to evaluate the presentation of the Special Topic? Maybe allow staff to offer their finding verbally?

I think one of my annual goals for the coming year is going to be "Improve the public speaking skills of my staff" and the feedback template would be a good way to a) improve their skills, and b) create a quantifiable metric.

I'm not a member of toastmasters, but I it sounds like this kind of feedback happens in Club meetings as well(?). Would this kind of "feedback" work in a staff meeting?

PS I apologize for the loose use of the term feedback. I realize this would not be Feedback the MT Way. Maybe I should call it evaluation or observation instead.