I have a DR that has some staff of his own. I want start coaching him on MANY MANY things, and I thought I'd start with the basics -- feedback.

I want to say, "do feedback, your resource is a bunch of podcasts, listen them, and give X feedbacks to your staff next week".

I want him to follow the M-T feedback model, but I also don't want to dictate the resource (ie. listen to the podcasts), as I think Mark/Mike said to list all resources, b/c some folks do better with books, others courses, others with learning from co-workers, etc.

Is it wrong to "dictate" the resource to be Manager Tools?


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Connick: I've helped my Directs brainstorm other resources they can use, but I highly recommend that they listen to the podcasts.

Once they've listened to the podcasts I've got them to:

- put 5 poker chips in their left pocket
- Every time they give feedback (mostly positive) move one chip from the left pocket to the right
- Make sure that all chips are moved over by the end of the day
- Repeat for 30 days
- tell them that after 30 days, I'll be checking up with their staff to see how they're doing ("Hey...when's the last time your boss gave you feedback").

I've found that simply practicing and doing is as much of a resource as learning what to do.

Hope that helps!


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No, of course it's not wrong to dictate sources.

Your company tells you where you can get health insurance. THey tell you what travel arrangements you can make. They tell you what recruiting firms are approved. They make you follow certain forms. They hire certain consultants. They send you to certain conferences, and turn others down.

This isn't my bias...this is just common sense.

This reminds me of why we started Manager Tools - to disintermediate manager development. Now, we have Manager Tools managers wanting to make it harder again! :wink: