BLUF: I'm looking for some specific resources to provide to my one direct for use while I'm coaching her on improving her accuracy w/ data entry.

I've tentatively applied the coaching model, but after recently re-listening to those 'casts, realized what I've been doing is only tenuously related to the actual model. So, I want to revisit and do it right.

I assume this is a common problem/area for improvement, and figured there would probably be a lot of you who've sucessfully dealt with this topic before. I'd love any suggestions you could share.


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What has she come up with? That's where the coaching model suggests starting.

Let her take ownership. Let her find some resources. She's not that dumb. :)

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I agree with Will.

Let her come up with, and pick the resources she want to use.

In which step of the data entry process will she have to improve?

Good luck, and keep us posted

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If she doesn't come up with this on her own, look into having her observe and report to you on "best practices" by others who are doing data entry with higher accuracy. You might in turn be able to use these findings to raise the bar for other employees. Or she might become a bit of an "expert."