I work in a geographically dispersed team as the Global Head. I have five team members that I coach using the Coaching Model. I am looking to expand this by introducing to the five team members, an article every month (HBR / Economist etc) for a group discussion either via group call or forum.Does anyone have experience of this? I am looking for guidance on what works, as trying to arrange a monthly telephone call with a group that stretches from Europe to Asia may be a non starter.

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I would look at something like HipChat and create a "Room" for the book club. It's a lightweight solution that enables conversation and time-shifting without clogging your email or requiring a lot of coordination.


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I recently took a 20 member team through Jeff Sutherland's "Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time." We assigned one chapter a week and met on Fridays for 30 minutes. We went around the table and shared our takeaway from the reading. The format worked very well. Everyone liked the concept of book club, liked the book and really liked the discussion. The only suggestion for improvement was find away to allow for additional discussion that focused on how to apply the learnings to our department (basically, how can we implement what we learned). Hope that helps!