I've seen some executive coaches that use courses such as Landmark to improve the "coachability" of their clients. What do folks on the boards here think of this? Has anyone had success with courses like Landmark?

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I attended some Landmark sessions about 10 years ago. Although they had a positive impact on me personally, I'm not sure how I would have felt if my boss had sent me there to be more "coachable". Unless they've changed, Landmark can get quite personal and is very big on getting people to recommend to their contacts (friends, family, etc.). Employees may find it a bit invasive if they are attending in the context of work.

Also, if you are using the Manager Tools coaching model, "coachability" is not an issue. The employee owns the process, and there is constant feedback involved. To me, the word "coachability" implies a distance between the coach and the coachee that shouldn't exist.

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Mike -- I just reread your post and realized you are talking more about a consultant/client vs. manager/employee relationship. The coaching model may not apply -- but Mark or Mike can probably clarify.