I decided to join this forum after finding the podcast.  Great advice for people interested in taking control of their careers.

I am 35 years old with two kids under two so I have a full plate but I am always looking for new ways to develop my professional skills.

I noticed that there were some local Atlanta Meet-ups.  I would be interested in joining the next time there is one.



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 Chris, welcome to the community.  

I can probably say i were you 3 years ago.  I am now 38 with a 5 and a 3 year old and now a "part-time" manager.  I am interested not only in taking control of my career but also of my life as to where i spend my time. 

I cannot say i have really succeded yet, but i am closer to it than i have ever been.  Manager-tools have been a great help, or perhaps the only help, and i regret not having spend more time grasping well all the concepts and tools given here 3 years ago.  So my recommendation is, do allocate time for speeding up your knowledge of the manager-tools.  Soon enough it Will be a time saver.

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Thanks for the advice Nara.