I attended my first M-T conference last week and really enjoyed both the Effective Manager as well as the Effective Communciation Conferences.

Both days flew by...  I think I stayed for about 9-10 hours for Monday's EM conference and 12 hours (7am - 7pm) during Tuesday's EC Conference.  This included some good networking before the class as well as Q&A with Mark and Mike after the class.

Mark is a sight to behold!  He is so energetic and enthusiastic about management that the class is truly exciting.  There were several short breaks, but Mark even continued to lecture through lunch to make sure we covered all the information and exercises.

I think of the two days, I enjoyed the Effective Communication Conference the most (Tuesday).  We got to do a lot of progressively more difficult exercises of determining each other's assigned DISC profile by observing their behaviors, analyzing their behaviors, and tailoring our own response to bring our DISC more inline with their communication.  It was eye-opening to see how easy it really is to improve communication by simply understanding someone else's behavior patterns.

We also quickly covered methods to determine a person's DISC by analyzing their email and then responding in an appropriate way that again brings our behavior in line with theirs.

I have been spending the past week observing and analyzing others - yup, she is a high "D", high "I" or yup, he is very much a high "C".  It is great.  I have also found myself starting to adjust my own behavior patterns based on who I am communicating with.  I am starting to think that this will soon become almost automatic!

If you haven't attended this quick 1-day seminar, it is well worth it!  I hope to write a review about it soon on the website.


Ron Holohan
Host of The Project Management Podcast