Where: Panera Bread Co. (Private Meeting Room)
5 W. Rand Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60004

When: Wednesday, February [b]13[/b]th, 6:30-8:30pm

We'll hope to see you there!

[b]Due to the inclement weather, we've pushed back a week to Feb. 13th. Same place, same time - we hope to see everyone who can make it![/b]

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I'm bringing a coworker, a new M-T convert (I don't think he participates on the forums). :)

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Everyone is welcome to come. Our agenda is set to cover: Feedback, Handshakes, and dISC.

Please message me your email for an agenda, or contact one of our regular atendees, as we already emailed it out to everyone.

I hope to see everyone there!



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Just a bump so everyone sees it.

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Thanks everyone for coming. I look forward to our next meet-up.

I think all the discussions went great. Also, I love that we all have some MT goals for our next meet-up. This stuff really gets me excited about evolving out of my comfort zone. I'll report back next meeting.



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I could not make the trip down due to family obligations.

How many showed?

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Meetup was great. Too bad the weather postponed it. Terri, hope you're feeling better. Jason, sorry you missed it, look forward to seeing you next time. We've planned the next one. I believe Ben is posting the details.

In a nutshell, we talked a lot about feedback,some about interviewing and networking, and made some goals, MT style. No, we didn't practicice the handshake in the "fishbowl" we were working in, but I think everyone did well at the beginning and at the end.

Hope to see you all soon, either at the conference or at the next meetup (weather permitting).


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Are you saying family is more important than Manger Tools!?! How dare you speak such heresy in to the house of Mike & Mark!

jk. The meet-up went great though. We had around 60-70 people show up (I lost track in the mid 30's)

Due to the large numbers we're thinking about renting out a roller rink next time. Here's the plan:

We will change the rink into an oversized "MT coaching model." Then all the attendees will skate through the 6 steps in the coaching model in a clockwise fashion. (I will be yelling feedback at everyone from the center of the rink.)

The coaching model will be followed by a brief skate to "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers, and possibly the chicken dance if we have enough time.

Then we will have counter clockwise slow skate where we practice our effective handshakes (don't worry its just as effective when you're wearing rollerskates, I promise)

The rink will be providing cotton candy, microwave hot pretzels, and nachos with cheese, so bring your appetite.

I will send out the location and times next week. I just wanted to make sure everyone is getting excited now.

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All I can say is I had BETTER not be sick next time! I really wanted to go! And I will be at the next one if at all possible!!! Hot pretzels are my favorite!! :wink:

If it works out, I will also be bringing a coworker who is rather new to M-T so I'm sure he would appreciate basics. Goodness knows I need practice on feedback myself!

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Sorry I missed it. Work and family have been taking a lot of my time lately!