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Who would want to help me organize a Chicago MT gathering.

Not there is much to it, but I would like someone to help me organize one in chicago. I would be game for as soon as next week, but think it would be best for most people after the vacation season. Let me know if you want to help, and this way we'll have some time to purchase a flip chart and markers.

There has been much talk about all the MT gatherings worldwide. I don't see why we should be left out :)

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Hmmm.. Would you allow new member from Milwaukee, WI to crash your meeting?

I was drawn to Manager Tools because of the wisdom and generosity of Mark and Mike. And now that I discover the community, I admire the same kind of quality and spirit in all the members. There is a lot to learn and share here.

Anyway, I am on vacation all next week, and might be going to Chicago next Friday through weekend. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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Ooooh, I'm in Rockford, will it be in downtown Chicago or in the burbs?

I'd be willing to take a vacation day even to go. 8)


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I'm game. My preference would be in the northern burbs. I'd be happy to help organize.

IMHO, we need an agenda to make a Meet-Up successful. Something like:
[list][*]Socialize (30min)
[*]Introductions (10min)
[*]Topic Discussion (30-60 min). Examples: Feedback issue, coaching, etc. people come with problems/questions, and they get addressed/discuss by group. Pick one per meet-up
[*]Closing/Start/Stop/Continue (10min)[/list:u]

Just my thoughts. PM me if you would like help.

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I liked Mark's suggestion in the other thread of using the Introduction Meeting tool at the first meet-up.

What kind of help are you looking for? Anything I can do from a distance?


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I think the north-side of the Chicago is our best bet. I am assuming our crowd is mostly coming from Downtown, West burbs, Northern burbs, and Rockford/Milwaukee. After consulting a map, somehwhere near O'hare seems to be an easy place for everyone to gather.

Also, someone please suggest where we can go around that area, as I just moved here and don't know.

As for the time, I cannot do anything During the work day 8-5, I just started my job and I don't feel comfortable asking for the time off. Although, I can still probably get somewhere by 5:00 if that helps...

I know I would love to do something in the evening during the week, and am also game for the weekends, although I can't do August 1-5


1. Our location near O'hare needs to be established

2. Flip chart and markers

3. Establish a concrete time (I would like to hear what you all think)


Connick, love the agenda and your forethought, already ahead of me :)

terri, I agree about the intro. I really want to get comfortable with it so I can use it, well, comfortably. ;)

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I've only lived in Illinois a year myself, so I don't know any places either. But somewhere around O'Hare works for me... that's one place I know how to find!

It will take me about an hour and a half to get there... but I'm cool with a weekday evening, like I said I could take the day off... I could get there early & set up.

I guess we could just start calling restaurants to find out if they have a meeting room and if & when we could reserve it...


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I'm interested in attending, pending the pertinent details.

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My thoughts:

I think O'Hare area is great, and easy to get to. Good call.

Ideally, a company that would let us use a conference room or a resturant with a (free) party room. This would allow us to socialize & "get stuff done". Too many times resturants are too noisy, and aren't flip-chart friendly. :-) I'll offer my company's office, but it's 30 min north of o'hare (I-94 & Route 176). Not ideal. Anyone have thoughts/leads on a meeting-friendly restuarant or business?

If we want this to be a semi-recurring thing (right?), weeknight evenings might be best. Having people take a day off to meet will not be self-sustaining. How about 6:30-9:30?

Once we have a space, let's pick something a couple weeks out to give people notice.

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I checked Google maps and it says it would take me 1 hour 20 minutes to get to your office. (Wauconda, right?) It's almost due east for me. I could deal with that!

I also like the idea of NOT having to mess with a restaurant. I can just grab something on my way out of town. All for Connick's office on a weekday evening, say aye! :wink:

My 2 cents,

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I could certainly try to make it down to cconnick's office from the Milwaukee area. I agree that an office setting might be much easier than a restaurant.

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Connick's office sounds like our best bet for our first gathering. Thanks again connick the offering :)

What does everyone think of Wednesdays at 6:00? maybe the 8th for our first?

Then we'll pick a topic that we can all brush up beforehand, and then discuss it there, after we get to know one another.

Also, I can pick up a little party tray and maybe someone else can bring some beverages :)

And I don't care what mark says, you don't have to eat before hand, or bring a change of clothes to work that day. We're all among friends.

Time to party? YES!

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I'l be happy to buy dinner for everyone and show up if you all can do it on Thursday the 16th of August when I'm in town (and we do it at a restaurant).

I do care what YOU guys think.


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[quote="mahorstman"]I'l be happy to buy dinner for everyone and show up if you all can do it on Thursday the 16th of August when I'm in town (and we do it at a restaurant).

I'm game for that! This can be the Chicago "kick-off" Meet-Up, at which we can determine long-term goals & logistics. Thoughts?

How about Giordano's (Higgins & River Road, near O'Hare),+Rose...

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Done and Done!

Here, I just wanted to hear mark speak at some point, and now he's buying me dinner next month!

Let me know what needs to happen to finalize this

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This is so exciting! I love the idea of a Chicago area MT group!

I'd love to come in as Terri, I will be coming in from Rockford.

The 16th works just fine for me. It will be my first day back after a week at Disney World...I'm sure I will appreciate a return to real-world adult communication by then! :D

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help organize the get together.


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Woo hoo! This is gonna be great!

And another Rockford M-T devotee, too!



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I'm game. If anyone needs any help, let me know and I'll contribute as I can.

Another suggestion for something nearby would either be Nick's FishMarket or Harry Caray's close to O'Hare.

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I just found this thread and I think this is a great idea.

I was at the DC conference and it has changed everything about my style of management.

If you still want flip charts or AV equipment I can provide it. Just let me know what we need.

Marty Hartley
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I'm easy as far as restaurants go. The only restaurant I've been to near O'Hare is McDonald's. :wink: So whatever y'all think.

(lived in Texas for 9 years and found "y'all" to be a handy word)


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Hey Marty! Good to hear from you. Glad you'll be there.


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You must not have lived here long enough. Y'all is singular.

The plural is "All y'all."



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D'OH! I knew that. :D

I think I've just been away too long now. (11 years)

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All Y'all,

I believe Connick is going to start a poll to get a headcount on the evening.

*** Please everyone who wants to come sign up, so we can know what to expect ***

We should have a destination set up soon, I appreciate everyone's patience.

Finally, we will have a schedule and short list of things we want to take accomplish at our gathering posted soon as well. We want everyone's input!

That's it

Also, Connick please post a link to the poll, as i don't know how those things work.

Quentin Daniels
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Here is the Link to the poll, thanks again Connick!