Hey Chicagoians --

In order to determine to determine the best approach for holding Chicago Manager Tools Meetings, I put together a quick survey to gather when, where, and what you are looking for in a Chicago Manager Tools meetings.

Please take [b]30 seconds [/b]and fill out the survey below. Results will be posted here in a week.

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Reminder -- please fill out the survey if you are in Chicagoland. Survey closes later this week.

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Survey results are in! To summarize, Chicago Manager Tools members want:

* Quarterly meetings or monthly meetings
* O'Hare Area as a desireable location
* to discuss current 'casts, practice, and talk about work issues
* Thursday meetings

My recommendation is start with quarterly meetings, and when we get the volume of folks who want monthly, we can decide then to increase the frequency.

I'll propose the 1st Thursday of the month, starting in November. Therefore, the upcoming meeting will be:

Thu, Nov 1st, 2007
Thu, Feb 7th, 2008
Thu, May 1st, 2008
Thu, Aug 7th, 2008

Now we need to find a place near O'Hare. If anyone has an office in the area, please PM me the details. I'll try to see if a community center, bank, or other type of institution is willing to host us. In my hometown, local banks offer a meeting room for non-profits. I'll see if something like that exists in Rosemont, etc.

Let me know people's thoughts. If everyone concurs, our next meeting will be [b]Thursday, November 1st[/b].

Results of the survey can be found here:

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I like it! Thanks for taking the time to figure this all out!

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Connick, Amazing job. I cannot wait to go. I just got back from corporate training and I realize (again) how thankful I am to have Mike/Mark as well as fellow listeners that want to become more effective.

It was sad to hear HR reps tell us that motivated employees look: entusiastic, commited, etc... and then throw terms around like behavior change. YOU CAN'T LOOK COMMITED! Don't use the term "behavior" if you don't know what it means. We also, came to these terms (conclusions) after the group shouted out a bunch of ideas of what a motivated person looks like. (1/12) were behaviors, which is fine but the HR rep should know the difference.

Secondly, we did HBDI (red,blue,green,yellow) as well as an acitivity. I'm a have 3 dominant colors and one secondary. I was also put in the red group for our activity. Then our instructor says, with some degree of confidence, that we are commonly HR people and in touch with our feelings. That's fine, but if he noticed any behaviors I had set forth before this, he wouldn't say it. All my friends were laughing because in disc I am a 7711.

Then I ask him how I can use this to be more effective, and I am told their is a second course that talks about behavior, that my company doesn't offer. So where's the application!?!

Also, we talk about feedback with employees and we have slides like don't yell at employees. If you are thinking in terms of effective future behavior change this shouldn't have to be said. It was never mentioned what our goal of the conversation was and what should be in the front of mind all the time.

Also, in the discussion panel excutives in the company talk about how they have realized that meetings should have a purpose and often an agenda. This should be everytime, if we are respectful of others time. Finally, the 61 slide PP that covered how to give a good PP, among other things, had me falling out of my chair.

Everyone felt good and energized at the end but that was all a lot of people took. We marginally raised the floor and I feel like we have wasted my time, my location's money, the shareholders money, as well as the time of all the people teaching/attending the course. Shouldn't people be able to answer questions like: "How can I use this to become more effective?" it was commonly skated...

Mike/Mark and fellow listeners, Thank You. I don't know where I would be without you.

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Me either!

So were you falling out of your chair laughing, or snoring? :?

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Works for me!

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Ahhh... can't wait :D

also, terry, I actually and having a meeting with the guy the ran the event to talk about the content. Hopefully, some good for the program can come out of it, although I am skeptical we will move away from HBDI. Not to say HBDI is bad, to me it just seems a roundabout way of identifying and changing behaviors, why put the cart before the horse when their are systems like disc. :D

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Do we have a venue yet?

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I'm still looking. :|

A great venue would be the Des Plaines Area Public Library, but you need a library card to reserve it. Does anyone belong to the Desplaines Library?

Anyone work near O'Hare and willing to offer up your office?