I've got a situation. I have a team of twelve employees who love to sit and chat while they are "working". I say "working" because the type of work we do is very involved and you are not doing your job correctly unless you are extremely focused.

Now, I understand some chatting is normal and even healthy for the work environment but how do I go about calling out the ones who are doing all the talking and correct the behavior? I've tried asking everyone as a group to control their talking but don't see results. Help!!

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As usual, feedback and one-on-ones.

You will need to talk to each person individually and tell them that it's a problem and the impact of their behavior on the team's effectiveness.

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How are you measuring success now? Are they meeting their goals? Are other people not meeting their own goals because of another person's chattiness?

Otherwise, what TomW said. O3 and feedback. I'd add coaching too.