Hi Mike,

How do you do chapters in the podcast? Is this limited to iTunes listeners?

Thanks for your help.

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The announcement this morning said that the new chapters only work on iPods right now, and M&M are working working on making it work for other players.

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I'm interested in understanding how you put chapters in a podcast.

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FYI, Chapters also work if you are listening at your computer using iTunes.

Vinnie, The easiest way to put the chapters in is directly through GarageBand on the Mac. You can also use external tools to identify time marks and pictures to insert, but they aren't as easy to use as GarageBand's drag-and-drop functionality. If you'd like more information, I'd be happy to discuss this directly.

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We use SoundTrack Pro to do all the chapter marks and insertion of the slides. I'm sure it's easier with GarageBand, but I wouldn't really know.

As far as inserting in MP3s, I'm not aware of a way to do that. I don't think the MP3 standard, as of now, supports that. I understand there are proposals on a new standard, but when we would get that is anyone's guess.

Chuck, you know than almost all of us combined on this topic ... any other options for MP3s out there?


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Thanks Mike. I forgot about SoundTrack Pro. I was supposed to get a license of that earlier this year, but it didn't materialize - hence my ignorance.

As for the MP3 standard, I echo your comments. Nothing yet - the proposal to modify the format (or was it ID3 tags?) is "forthcoming".