In the podcast, they emphasized the importance of not telling coworkers and directs about accepting a new position. I recently accepted a new position at the company in another department (moved from Engineering to Operations). I was told there would be a formal announcement and I knew not to say anything to the general population. The problem came in when my boss asked me if I heard anything about moving into a new position. Does the "keep it confidential" advice apply to those situations? Do I have an obligations to tell my current boss what the plans are, or is that the responsibility of my new boss?

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Yes you do have a obligation to tell your manager. In fact I think you have a obligation to tell your boss before you even apply for a new position within the same organization. You still have to work with your current boss after you change roles, and blindsiding him/her with this news can only hurt your working relationship. Not only that but a good manager would see the benefit to the organization as a whole of you moving to a new role, and could talk to the hiring manager about you. But if the hiring manager approaches your current manager about you and he/she is completely unaware of you applying for a new position, it could bring into question your loyalty and hurt your chances at getting the new role.

I just would ask and trust my manager to keep this confidential.

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Thank you for the advice.  That is a very good point and I had not thought about if from that angle.

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Your manager represents the company in relationship to you. You are telling the company anything you tell your manager; they do not keep things in confidence if it would damage the company to hold a confidence. There are casts for this.