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We have rearranged the forums to make them easier to use. Don't worry, we haven't deleted anything - the full 6 year history is still there.

We've consolidated the categories, so it's easier for you to choose where you put your question and to find answers to similar questions.

To help you find things here's a list:

General questions and Comments now includes the FAQs, Finance and Accounting and International Management topics.

Manager Tools Conferences includes posts for both the Effective Manager and Effective Communications conferences.

The Manager Tools Trinity covers, as you would guess, One-on-Ones, Coaching, Feedback and Delegation.

Career Management is the new home of general career discussions, Influence and Persuasion, Communication, and Interviews.

Hiring includes both Hiring and Interviewing Others, as well as the Bench Success Stories.

Management and Leadership is where you'll also find the Project Management discussions.

All the other categories remain the same.

We know for those of you who have used the forums for a long time, it'll be an adjustment, but we hope that you'll find the new structure easier in time and that it'll be more intuitive for newcomers.

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Hey Wendii!

You know how Amazon has the ability for people to like reviews or check if the comments were helpful? Then the best comments or most helpful comments get highlighted. Sometimes I wish I could do the same thing for Manager Tools forum comments. Have you thought about adding that feature to your forum?

Thanks for the extremely useful web page and podcasts!


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 Hi Wendii,


Thank you for making this forum better in use. My friend referred me this forum where I can get more information and to participate in different discussions. Thanks once again.

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Thank you for making this a better site to interact with different people so thankful for your effort. - Steven C Wyer