Hi guys, I really like your podcast on the "visuals". I just have seen major change happen in my environment and I look at it with different eyes, yet again, to it. Not that there are not sufficient courses out there in a corp environment, but I would really love to see more from you guys in this area. Are there more podcasts planned on this, maybe also one that applies to what happens in the person itself, so how could a middle manager react positively to change even though there are major concerns. Feedback is a good option from my perspective towards the upper folks that forget to give a "visual" but there is a thin line of being considered the "difficult one" or "not able to handle change"....Also how do you deal with peers that bring their EGO out and go with the strategy "the more I own, the more I will be important", basically displaying fear..

Keep up the great work, I have found all the ideas and guidelines you shared tremendously useful for my professional career,