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I am stepping into a CFO role. I am currently directing all the non-academic departments (Cafeteria Services, Transportation, Facilities, IT Services, HR, and the Business Office where the retiring CFO reports to me). There will be no one between me and the business office so my directs will go from 6 to 10 (the extra business office personnel).

I also have other administrative meetings I can't get out of - priorities of the CEO. AND, I will be doing 90% of the "work" currentlly done by the CFO. I know of at least one or two tasks/deliverables that I can do more efficiently but nonetheless I will be doing a LOT more actual tasks/duties.

So, my question for my fellow MT'rs is can I be more effective with weekly O3's with the business office staff (who will need some healing, which I won't get into) and do bi-weekly or monthly status meetings with my heads of other departments, not at the same time but with me. Does anyone do something similar like this in a Director/VP/CXO role?


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I'd recommend you keep weekly O3s with everyone who reports to you. It sounds like this is only an additional 2 hr/week commitment. I would try and recover other time during the week by delegating other responsibilities to your employees who are ready to take on the additional higher level work. They, in turn, can delegate down their responsibilities as needed.