I've seen a candidate with a Certified Manager designation from the "Institute of Certified Professional Managers"

Does anyone have experience with this organization or any Certified Managers? I am curious about its reputation in industry. Is it meaningful? Is it worth considering for myself?

Thanks for a very helpful podcast with associated tools and forums.

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Glad you asked; great question - one that a lot of people have, I bet, but no one asks.

Manager certifications aren't widely considered valuable by any company. The stated rationale behind them is that management is a "profession", much like medicine or engineering. But when was the last time that someone was a guest manager? The roles are so different.

I think, for the most part, the "actual" rationale of such programs is ...profit.

Bottom line: don't. Low value in the marketplace. Not worth it.


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Thanks for your reply Mark.

Locally Ohio State offers the training program, and they market it as "opening doors of opportunity for non-traditional students". I have my MBA and this would be just another set of boxes to check off - I was even concerned it may devalue my degree.

I feel like I'm coasting through my work since I don't have a direct boss or leadership right now, and haven't for the better part of four years. My prior manager (mostly absent) refused to allow me any classes or development opportunities, so I gave up and felt neglected. Now I've regained the interest and passion to own my career and continue learning. My career development right now is focused on catching up on your podcasts. You're an inspiration and I really appreciate the work you and Mike do.


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We're honored. Honest - it means a great deal to both of us.

Tell us more about what you do, and where you want to go, and we'll suggest additional development.

Thanks for your kind words.