I have been dedicated to my O3s over the past several years.   However, from time to time I doubt on whether or not its the biggest ROI on my time.   Its not often but it creeps into my head and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way.    In the past week I received three reminders of why this is necessary  and I wanted to share it as encouragement for the rest of you that occassionally doubt.  

1.   This article.

What's interesting is that when I read it, I read it as an EMPLOYEE not a manager and it quickly pinpointed some frustrations with my current management and something that would easily be solved with O3s.

2.   In the past quarter, I picked up 3 international sales teams with 3 members each and immediately implemented O3s.    After one employee was sensing my overall hecticness (In another meeting, not his O3) he offered to cancel his O3 to give me the time and let me sleep and have a little extra time in my day.   My response was immediately, "No.  These are important to me" and was able to point to new ideas and campaigns we were rolling out and would not have if it weren't for O3s.  In response, that employee confessed that he and his coworkers have calculated the time I spend on O3s during a week and were both impressed and grateful for them.   How's that for relationship


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Great article - just to pile on the testimonials for O3s:

I recently transferred from a job that I only had for about 6 months  I was able to implement O3s and just the start of feedback, but that was as far through the trinity as I got before my transfer came through.

At my going-away, one of my directs stood up and told everyone, "When he first got here, he insisted on this weekly meeting.  I thought 'Oh great, another meeting, just what I want.'  After a few weeks, though, I reailzed, 'Wow, this guy really gives a d*** about us.'"  Then he thanked me.

I was truly taken aback and surprised.  I had only focused on how the O3s helped me keep up to date and provide guidance and feedback.  I underestimated the amount of relationship power they built.  I can't wait to start them up again in my new job.