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Hello all,

There's good guidance in the career tools casts about using recruiters carefully.  I am mindful of that when I keep running into ads for a recruiter service called on LinkedIn.

Does anyone have any experience with this company?

There could be great upside as they promote:

  • More oppornities since they claim to have a network of oppornities that are not published on job boards.

My concerns would be:

  • Being precluded from applying to places because a recruiter has already been involved and it may not work out to my benefit.
  • Being treated like a product and loosing control of some aspects of my job search in ways I can't forsee

Looking forward to read any experiences others can share.

Best regards!

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I'm guessing fom the lack of response that this newer recruitment company that I am seeing advertised on LinkedIn has not been used by other MT forum members yet.

Here's to hoping someone reports on an experience with them in the future.