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Cross-reference for calendar chunking : Keller and Papasan, "The One Thing", concept of 'goal setting to the now'.  (See chapter 14, "Live by priority", p146+.)  The classic GTD (Allen, "Getting Things Done") provides very similar overall effect but approached from a different direction.

Those who have read "The One Thing", or listened to its complement "The One Thing Podcast", would also connect to concept 'time-blocking' and associated actionable advice.  Software developers familiar with various "agile" approaches, you've already free-associated with me to the related concept "time-box", don't deny it. :-)

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To be sure, behavioral discipline is important to professional success. I'm glad you started with that topic. 

And. Brains differ immensely in executive function. In some circles, executive function disorder (EFD) is starting to be viewed as its own medical condition. A more mainstream view is that it's a characteristic of other more established conditions such as depression or AD/HD. Either way, it's a physiological trait that can be mitigated in multiple ways, e.g. medication, with the usual trial and error that entails. It's critical not to equate high executive function with moral superiority.

In this podcast you refer to the "nightclub lifestyle" and spend some time equating lack of discipline with youth and naivete about getting paid to do a job. There is a grain of truth; newer professionals may not have internalized these lessons. However, when you focus on these aspects, it makes me wonder if you are aware of the medical angle. It feels like perhaps you're not considering seasoned, ethical, hardworking professionals who face additional challenges in this area. It also concerns me that listeners may become more entrenched in stigmatizing others who are working to overcome these issues. I know that's not your intention and thank you for addressing this issue and more generally for the emphasis on calendar management.

Some of us may be working 5 times as hard as you work to focus on our calendar for 10 minutes. Please remember us too.