I am typing up my bullets for my CMD and would like help rewording this

"Created a recycling program that went from a cost to a profit center by presorting paper waste in all departments"


When I got to the company they where throwing thousands of pounds of paper away each year into a dumpster that they where paying by the pound for removal

I started with Gaylord's to separate the stock. Coated, Uncoated, Cardboard. The paper recyclers was paying us when they picked up the paper because it was presorted. And the amount of extra paper going into the dumpster via trash cans was considerably reduced in turn reducing the per pound cost of the trash removal. Any help to make it sound more professional would be greatly appreciated

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This is the wrong way around: each bullet needs to say what you accomplished before how. Quantitative data may also help.

"* Generated profit of ....per year by setting up a presorting program for paper recycling in all departments"

I am interested in the "true" value. Did you calculate how much more time employees spend with their trash now that they need to sort it themselves? Does it motivate or demotivate them to do this? You may get these questions in an interview!