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So I'm really struggling with making a decision for a potential new role...

Let me give you a lil background: I was a lean management consultant for a fortune 50 company. I traveled 90% of the time... I LOVED my job. I got to see and explore areas of the world I never dreamed I'd be able to see. It didn't pay a whole lot salary wise, but I was living on an expense account so much of my money I did make, was disposable income. I loved the work of helping people be more efficient and I lived the challenge of waking up every morning and having to really think.

My company has dissolved that department and they have since promoted me and moved me as a project manager for some IT initiatives. They need help, like a lot of help ... The dept is incredibly inefficient so the brought a few of my colleagues over to help. And layed off the rest.

After the major lay offs I got a call from a recruiter asking me to interview for another lean consultant, so I said sure I'd interview. (I can always use the practice). Well since I listen to mark and mike, and 5 interviews later. I have gotten to the point where they are about to make me an offer and I don't know what to do...

New company pros and cons:
It's for doing lean in their company's headquarters in the ny area. Here is the rub, no more travel, I'd have to move at my own expense, they are willing to any me 30% more than I am making now. And I will have the chance of getting promoted pretty quickly. I may also have the choice of moving to Nashville or ny area... The cost of living in Nashville is super cheap compared to that of ny - but the opportunity isn't the same career wise ... My mentor / boss thinks I should take it... I'm still not sure ....I would be moving (for the 4th time where I don't know a soul) but I'd get to move to ny.

Old company pros and cons
I love the people that I work for. And I still get to travel internationally ... Although the pay is lower than what my colleagues make... I know what to expect, I can expect to survive the next two more rounds of layoffs and possibly get promoted as well again. (Although that promo is a lot less certain) I'm not as crazy about the work itself ... But am confident I can do it well ... I get to stay home in Houston .

The recruiter is asking me for start dates to give the new company so that they can give an offer letter out... And he keeps pressuring me to verbal commit with him about taking the Job and that feels wrong ... (I know he is being a sales guy - but I feel so rushed with him)

I'm just not sure what to do... I know marks saying, until you have an offer, you have nothing... But this whole thing is giving me heartburn... And I feel like I should know better of what I want by this point in the process.

I appreciate any thoughts or insights anyone has...

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Firstly, this is all a good thing, keep that in mind!

I would recommend separating the process from the decision. At the moment, I'm guessing the process is the one causing you more stress.

With the recruiter, he has absolutely no right to expect a commitment from you until you have an offer from the company. Start dates are what you and the employer decide after the offer has been agreed, other than ealier conversations about notice periods. They make an offer, you consider it, on acceptance you agree a start date.

In terms of which job to choose, make a list of what's important to you add to columns next to them, headed with each of the jobs. Tick which one fullfills that aspiration then tot up the one with the most ticks. If you're disappointed or happy with the result, you know which one to choose.

Hope this helps somewhat


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It may be an over-simplification, but, isn't the start date simply: "15 days after I have signed a contract that I liked"?

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I think you've hit the nail on the head there Karl


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Think and take decisiong that will benefit you.

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I wanted to thank everyone for the advice.. I kept the conversation open, and despite the pushy recruiter, I was able to push back a bit. As a result they offered me 41% more than I am currently making. They really wanted me for this role ... I have to move but am thrilled I am currently at market value ... (I was seriously underpaid for the prior role, but loved my job - so reasoned that I was happy so it was ok). 

I blame manager tools for helping me get a role that I love, then help me to land another role that I love, while making a decent living... I am super happy. 

I followed their resume, and interviewing advice to the letter and it really paid off, literally and figuratively (pun intended). 

I have are a lot of work ahead of me the next 90 days. But wanted to thank everyone here for their sage advice as well ...